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IN DEFENCE OF HUMAN VALUES: The great siege by sex perversion
Sex perversion may be defined as the tendency for men and women to prefer sexual relationships with men and women respectively. By extension, boys prefer boys and girls prefer girls as sexual partners. In extreme cases, such sexual relationships have developed into same-sex marriages between people who see such marriages as normal, natural and a right for them to engage in. When same-sex relationships occur between men or boys, we call such relationships homosexuality and those who practice them homosexuals. If same-sex relationships occur between women or girls we call such relationship lesbianism and those who practice them lesbians.


By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

13 March 2023

Sex perversion may be defined as the tendency for men and women to prefer sexual relationships with men and women respectively. By extension, boys prefer boys and girls prefer girls as sexual partners. In extreme cases, such sexual relationships have developed into same-sex marriages between people who see such marriages as normal, natural and a right for them to engage in. When same-sex relationships occur between men or boys, we call such relationships homosexuality and those who practice them homosexuals. If same-sex relationships occur between women or girls we call such relationship lesbianism and those who practice them lesbians.

Same Sex Relationships in Biblical Times

We can trace same-sex relationships in biblical times, in the City of Sodom, where every old and young man preferred sexual relations with each other rather than with women. The Bible, in Chapter 19 Verse 4-11, reveals that  when two angels of God in form of men visited an immigrant and brother of Abraham called Lot, all the old and young male residents of Sodom invaded the living space of the immigrant and his family at night. They were gay (homosexuals) and wanted to have carnal knowledge of the angels in human form. Even if Lot tried to dissuade the Sodomians from doing what he called “Wicked Thing”, by giving them his virgin daughters and allowing them to do anything they would choose to do to quench their exacerbated appetite for anal sex, they did not relent. They even threated Lot that they would do something worse to him if he persisted in not allowing them access to his visitors. 

Lucky for Lot, the angels pulled him back into the house and shut the door. They continued to strike the erotic men with blindness and they could not see the door again, let alone each other. This act of the angels demonstrated that God did not approve of same-sex relationships. He did not create same sax relationships. These were acquired sexual behaviour and acts that had nothing to do with his grand plan of having people worshipping, praising and glorifying him and animals manifesting his power and glory.

Indeed, God had already been angered greatly by the sex preferences of the men of Sodom. He had created sex for procreation and the anus for ejecting wastes, which accumulate in the rectal part of the alimentary canal, from the body of both humans and other animals he had created as male and female to fulfill his grand plan of populating the Earth with people and all kings of animals. He purposely sent his angels to Sodom, and the neighboring city of Gomorrah to burn them and their people to ashes. This happened. Only Lot and his family were secured by instructing them to get out without looking back at the burning Sodom. It should be mentioned that the Bible does not tell us whether there were women who chose same sex relationships (lesbians) in Sodom. However, since the men ignored them to pursue and entrench same-sex relationships, there must have been women who chose same-sex relationships. 

We shall never know for sure that lesbians existed in the City of Sodom because the Bible does not mention them.  Neither shall we ever know that the Sodomians purposely advertised same-sex relationships or recruited young people and children into the practice of same-sex relationships because the Bible does not tell us. Besides, we shall never know if same-sex marriages occurred, again because the Bible does not tell us. All we know from the Bible is that same-sex relationships between old men and young men occurred in Sodom because they tried to play sex with the angelic visitors of Lot. 

One thing is true. Homosexuality and Lesbianism are not sexually transmitted, but self-chosen sexual identities detested by those who value heterosexuality and respect the institution of marriage through which the human species is divinely perpetuated.

Same-sex Relationships as a Global Movement and Institution

It is unlikely that same-sex relationships were a movement and institution in the City of Sodom. Today Homosexuality and Lesbianism are being built as global social movements under the aegis of (i) Homosexuality International and (ii) International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Intersex Association (ILGIA).  These have not only become aggressive social movements and institutions committed to popularizing and same-sex as a human right for their members, but they financially and politically rich.  They are using their social, political and financial power to influence human rights, social, employment, educational and institutional policies, as well political leadership and governance in many countries of the world. In so doing, they are influencing the cultural, social, moral ethical and spiritual fabrics and dynamics in the world. Accordingly, the members of these social institutions have no respect for God, and are doing everything to defile the Bible and retune it to rhyme with their interests. They also have no respect for the marriage institution as God wanted it to be: marriage between man and woman. They can be characterized best as anti-God, anti-Christ institutions. Accordingly, there are many members of the two social movements and institutions who are active in religious institutions and occupying high echelons in the hierarchy of the religious institution. The same is now true of governments. A big number of the members are violent and Virtually all of them exploit the widespread poverty (income and intellectual poverty) to spread the gospel of their trade. I will amplify this reality later on. 

Same Sex Relationships in Modern Times

The United States of America is perhaps the bastion of same-sex relationships on our planet Earth. 

When I was researching for this article, I came across an article published in the Smithsonian Magazine under the title “The 175 year history of speculating about President George James Buchanan” written by Thomas Balcerki (2019). Balcerki asserted that Buchanan was USA’s first gay President. He was a bachelor President with no relationship with any woman to call his better half. Balcerki wrote a book “Bosom Friends: The Intimate World of James Buchanan and Willian Rufus DeVane King”. King was also a bachelor. Like Buchanan, King was a high-ranking politician who entered the House of Representatives, and later became the running mate to Presidential candidate Franklin on Democratic Party Ticket. 

Sometimes Buchanan was endeared to women, but King was not. Balcerki described King as “effeminate”. King was referred to as Ms Nancy and Buchanan was referred to as Mr “B”. The same-sex relationship between Buchanan and King means same-sex relationships were politically rich in the Democratic Party of USA at the highest level of leadership and governance. Centuries of repression of same-sex associates characterized the collective attitude of USA towards people who later came to be known as homosexuals. 

So, the Buchanan-King affair reawakened America’s concern about same-sex relationships. However, the social behaviour encouraging same-sex relationships were bound to grow beyond the pair.  This caused President Dwight Eisenhower to sign an Executive Order in 1953 denying work to those suspected of sexual perversion. It is said that 5000-10,000 sexual perverts lost work in the United States Bureaucracy. In fact, homosexuality was legally proscribed and a social anathema in the USA until 1970. But this did not prevent more and more people becoming sexual perverts.  The campaigns of Homosexual International and ILGIA, and their centrality to the Democratic Party politics compelled President Bill Clinton to sign an Executive Order in 1995 reversing the Eisenhower Executive restricting sexual perverts.  Since then, there has been a boom in same-sex relationships in the USA. In 2004 40% of Americans said they supported same-sex marriages. Today 68% Americans approve of same-sex marriages., according to NPR/BBs NewsHour/Marist.

The practitioners and their institutions have become so politically, socially and economically powerful that they are influencing governments, institutions and people on all Continents. Charity and foreign aid are tied to countries showing soft spot for same-sex relationships in terms of executive, legislative and judicial processes. They are supersonically influencing the choice of leaders and governors of institutions and countries everywhere in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

The Harvard Kennedy School in October 2009 cited an article by Timothy Patrick McCarthy published in Huffington Post, claiming that former US President Barack Obama was the first gay President of that superpower. It is likely, McCarthy was not aware of what Thomas Balcerki (2019) wrote about high-ranking politicians Buchanan and King as sexual partners.

There have since been many gay politicians in the USA and in other countries seeking to be, or actually becoming top leaders. 

In 2013, Luxembourg got an openly gay Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel. In 2019, gay Pete Buttigieg announced that he was going to challenge for President of the US on Democratic Party ticket. In the same year lawyer Mounir Baatour, announced he was standing for President in Tunisia, which would make him the first gay President in the Arab World. Serbia got her first openly gay Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic. President Emmanuel Macron was romoured to be gay when he sought the Presidency of France but he vehemently dismissed the rumours. President Begno Aquino III of Philippines appeared to be open to a discussion of gay marriages. On December 13 2022, reported that US President, Biden, signed  into law a bipartisan bill that codifies same sex and interracial marriages., but then he was later reported to be strongly behind the Respect Marriage Act. A recent video making social media rounds depicts him speaking for the heterosexual marriage institution.

I have not in my research come across any African leader who is open to same sex relationships or marriages. However, at the rate Homosexual International and ILGIA politics, political decisions, executive decisions, legislation and judicial decisions using money in the sea of poverty (income and intellectual poverty) accompanied by cultural erosion, anything is possible unless our traditional cultural groups rise up in defense of African cultures, which collectively abhor same-sex relationships. In Kenya, the Judiciary of that country ruled that same sex relationships are okay. South Africa has been allowing same-sex marriages for a long time. Below is a list of countries that allow gay and lesbian marriages politically and legally.

Countries Allowing Gay and Lesbian Marriages (Source: Pew Research Centre, Oct.28 2019)

Costa Rica         2020                Northern Ireland         2019                  Ecuador            2019

Taiwan               2019                Austria                           2019                  Australia           2017

Malta                  2017                Germany                       2017                  Columbia          2016

USA                      2015                Greenland                    2015                  Ireland               2015

Luxembourg       2014                Scotland                        2014                  Brazil                  2013

England/Wales   2013                France                            2013                 New Zealand     2013 

Uruguay                2013              Denmark                           2012                Argentina                2010

Portugal                 2010             Iceland                               2010                Sweden                   2009

Norway                  2008              South Africa                      2006                Spain                       2005

Canada                   2005              Belgium                              2003               Netherlands           2006

According to Pew Research Centre (2019), in its article “Same Sex Marriage Around the World” Mexico in 2009 allowed same-sex marriage in one of its jurisdictions. Note that in Africa, it is South Africa, which allowed same sex marriages. If the governors of Kenya allow the ruling by the Kenya Supreme Court allowing same-sex relationships, then Kenya will be the second country on the Continent to do so legally.

Same-sex relationships have become like an epidemic besieging the whole world. In Uganda, same-sex relationships have become like an epidemic, worse than Covid 19 because it is being accompanied by cultural penetration of the country by the West via homosexuality and lesbianism. Almost every level of society is affected. There is confusion and disagreement as to what approach should be taken to contain the epidemic. The epidemic affects every sphere of life and is eroding society culturally, morally, ethically and spiritually. A country which was once spiritually well-developed now finds itself at the crossroads with its future generations both threatened and endangered. Some years back, the governors of the country thought legislation against same sex relationships would be enough to curb same-sex relationships, but what was called Anti-homosexuality Bill was never signed into law by the President. One school of thought is that Homosexuality International influenced the President, but the President has continued  to speak against homosexuality and lesbianism. If it had become law same-sex practitioners would be killed like those of Sodom were killed by God. Another Bill by the same name is being debated by the Members of Parliament, but if the bill was to be passed and signed into law by the President, it would be weaker than the one before because it involves fines, which would be paid by the homosexuals and lesbians if convicted. They have a lot of money and influence.


In conclusion, the world in general, and individual countries in particular, are under institutionalized homosexual and lesbian siege by a heavily capitalized, increasingly socially and politically-powerful lobby to make same-sex relationships a legal right and legitimate practice. It is a social pandemic worse than Covid 19.  It will require the concerted effort of humanity to contain it using common sense, cultural, ethical, moral, political , social, and intellectual capital in an integrative manner. Legal strategy is worthwhile but not enough. Otherwise, all humanity is in danger of becoming extinct earlier than would otherwise be the case if the pandemic were not proliferative and targeting the young reproductive age-groups. It goes without saying that the majority of homosexuals and lesbians hate producing children. Without producing children humanity cannot be perpetuated well into the future. Whole genealogies perish. It is just like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that were destroyed by God’s fire, never to rise again, or Noah’s generation which God destroyed with water.

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