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This article seeks to explore the root causes of sociopolitical violence in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region. It excludes domestic and urban violence although such violence is mainly fueled by social, political and economic factors. There cannot be one cause but a multiplicity of causes of sociopolitical violence. The causes are not mutually exclusive and are, therefore, interconnected. Between 1957 and now there has been a lot of sociopolitical violence related to leadership and governance in Uganda in particular and the Great Lakes region in general. Most of the violence has been in form of armed conflict, but some has been in form of mental torture, land grabbing, denials of all types, stealing of mineral wealth of others, exclusion from education, health, food sufficiency, clash of civilizations, greed, selfishness, and exclusion from opportunities such as employment, participation in governance and leadership by a few self-interested individuals.
IN DEFENCE OF HUMAN VALUES: The great siege by sex perversion
Sex perversion may be defined as the tendency for men and women to prefer sexual relationships with men and women respectively. By extension, boys prefer boys and girls prefer girls as sexual partners. In extreme cases, such sexual relationships have developed into same-sex marriages between people who see such marriages as normal, natural and a right for them to engage in. When same-sex relationships occur between men or boys, we call such relationships homosexuality and those who practice them homosexuals. If same-sex relationships occur between women or girls we call such relationship lesbianism and those who practice them lesbians.
The new Indian Question and Debate among Makerere Professors
The central focus of the new Asian debate between distinguished Professors: Lwanga Lunyiigo, Mamdani Mahmood and Sylvia Tamale was: Were Indians colonizers or sub-imperialists in Uganda?