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Welcome to AFDEF. Please Raise your Helping Hand

Welcome to AFDEF Online. This site identifies community development interventions and calls for your support in making lives of vulnerable communities mostly in rural areas. You can also find various publications in selected areas such as environment, human rights, law, interdisciplinarity, ethics, water and so on. 

Oweyegha-Afunaduula F.C

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About Us

AFDEF is a non-profit organisation registered and operating in Uganda. The organization was started by Prof. Oweyegha-Afunaduula with a main objective of engaging communities in sustainable development projects, carrying out awareness and publishing articles or books in various fields for public use/consumption. 

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Our Services

AFDEF offers services to improve livelihoods in rural communities based in Luuka District. The intended services include health, water, solar and renewable energy, affordable housing, sustainable profit-making activities, agroforestry, care for elderly and education.


Areas with little or no access to basic health care services require access to medicines, health professionals and basic health knowledge.
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Water and sanitation
Access to clean and safe water in rural areas through solar water projects, boreholes, rain harvesting.
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Solar energy
Lighting up communities to provide basic solar facilities, lighting and recreation facilities to improve livelihoods especially for the elderly in communities.
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Poverty alleviation
Supporting small and medium scale income generating activities to improve incomes, enable community development and meet costs of living .
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AFDEF raises funds and carries out crowd funding activities to enable community development projects in rural areas.
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Current Causes

Take a look at our on-going causes and support or participate in any of your choice. Help us reach the targets for the benefit of the target communities.

Education support
Raised: $150
Goal: $5000

Raising funds to enable children to meet basic needs and attend school, keep the girl child in school and enable adult education to improve literacy levels.

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Health care center
Raised: $1400
Goal: $40000

AFDEF health care center is intended to provide basic health services, drug store, outreach health services, antenatal care and other health services.

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Energy and water 
Raised: $200
Goal: $7800

Providing solar power for lighting and basic home use, solar water pumps and water harvesting to provide clean and safe water .

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Our Missions

Save the Poor
Startups and business support for families to increase incomes.
Donation for Poor
Improve lives of marginalised and vulnerable people.
Help the Helpless
Help marginalized and vulnerable members of the community especially the elderly.
Pure Water for Poor
Improve access to clean water for consumption, irrigation and animals to improve living standards

Thanks to the results achieved with you!

Our activities are possible with your support, ideas, projects, donations and publicity. 

Upcoming Events

Event: Help the Poor
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Nawaka, Ikumbya
Event: Foods for Poor
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Nawaka, Ikumbya
Event: Save the Water
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM, New York

Our Progress

Check out our progress so far with our ever growing community of partners, contributors, supporters and volunteers.

Happy Donors
Sucess Mission
Volunteer Reached
Globalization Work

Our Volunteers

Check out some of our volunteers carrying out various activities in selected areas. You can become a volunteer too.

Volunteer Agatha
Agatha Bugonzi

Gender and equality, girl child, child education and community mobilisation, talent identification and sourcing, community education, communication, 

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Volunteer Isaac
Isaac Afunaduula

Legal aid, legal awareness, community outreach, legal education, Alternative Dispute Resolution, editing, publications, research and management

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Volunteer Rosie
Rose N

Income generation, entrepreneurship, agriculture, women empowerment, community outreach, fundraising, counselling, child education and skills.

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Our Gallery

Some pictures of various AFDEF activities. Visit our gallery for more pictures of activites and other .

solar water pump
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Volunteer Agatha
Volunteer Isaac